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Hollywood Bets is an old school, truly local and authentic South African bookie. They’ve been taking bets since 2000 when they opened up their first store in Durban. Since 2006 they have been leaving their mark on the online sports betting industry as well. Their marketing and trademark purple are visible all over South Africa, making them one of the best-known bookies around.

  • Very competitive odds, Hollywood Bets have some of the best and quickest odds in the local market.
  • 24/7 Customer support, they have a huge team that ensure your queries are answered quickly, with the added bonus of having stores that you can visit if need be.
  • Local is lekker, they are a truly South African company, also very involved in charity.
  • R25 Sign-up bonus
  • Interface, their site is really confusing and complicated.

HollywoodBets at a glance

LicensedLicensed by the Gauteng Gambling Board, the Limpopo Gambling Board and the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator.
EstablishedOpened up shop in 2000 and launched their online platform in 2006.
ProductsSports betting, Live play, Evolution Games, Ezugi Games, Jika Sports, Instant WIn, Lucky Numbers and Fantasy Soccer
PlatformPC, Android and IOS
Quality of oddsVery competitive odds and are usually one of the first sites to post them.
Betting limitsThe maximum amount any one person is allowed to win per day is 20 Million Rand. The minimum stake is R1, the minimum deposit is R5 and the maximum deposit through third party entities is R199 999.

Hollywoodbets User Experience

HollywoodBets has undeniably set a high standard in the world of online betting, creating an environment where both novice and seasoned punters can thrive. The platform’s clean interface and intuitive design promote ease-of-use, ensuring users can focus on the excitement of placing their bets without unnecessary hurdles. The meticulous attention to detail in the user experience signifies HollywoodBets’ dedication to providing a seamless and enjoyable betting journey.

Hollywoodbets login

Intuitive Design

Every aspect of HollywoodBets’ platform has been carefully crafted to maximize user satisfaction. The colour scheme is visually appealing, and the layout is logical, making it easy to locate important features.

Additionally, the user-friendly navigation ensures that even the most complex functionalities are straightforward to access. Whether you’re searching for live in-play hollywoodbets mobile horse racing & sports betting matches or checking out the latest promotions, everything is just a click away.

Swift and Responsive Performance

Beyond aesthetics, HollywoodBets excels in functionality. With swift loading times and responsive design, users can enjoy a smooth and efficient betting experience on both desktop and mobile devices. The platform performs impeccably under pressure, handling high-traffic periods with ease, ensuring you can place your bets exactly when it matters most.

Personalized Experience

One of HollywoodBets’ standout features is its commitment to personalization. The platform remembers your preferences and tailors the experience to fit your individual betting habits. This thoughtful touch enhances the sense of belonging and satisfaction, making every visit to HollywoodBets feel uniquely catered to you.

Register at HollywoodBets

Hollywoodbets FICA process

Registering is pretty standard. They require your name, ID, email address, phone number and home address. After completing this form you will receive your R25 free sign up bet within 30 minutes

Hollywoodbets registration form
How to Upload FICA Documents on Hollywoodbets

There should be a section in your account settings to upload documents. Select the relevant FICA documents from your device and upload them.

How to ‘re register Hollywoodbets Account

If you need to re-register your Hollywoodbets account, you would typically need to contact Hollywoodbets’ customer service for assistance.

What Does It Mean When “ID Number Already In Use” Appears on HollywoodBets?

When attempting to register an account on HollywoodBets, you might encounter the message “ID number already in use hollywoodbets.” This message indicates that the ID number you are trying to use is already associated with an existing HollywoodBets account. There are a few reasons why this might happen:

  1. Previous Registration: You may have already created an account using this ID number. If you have forgotten your login details, you can use the “Forgot Password” feature on the login page to recover your account.
  2. Duplicate Account: HollywoodBets’ policy prohibits multiple accounts under the same identification number to ensure compliance with security measures and responsible gambling regulations. If you have knowingly or unknowingly attempted to create a duplicate account, the system will flag it.
  3. Security Precaution: This measure helps prevent unauthorized use of personal identification numbers and protects users from potential identity theft or fraudulent activities.

Steps to Resolve the Issue

  1. Recover Existing Account: If you believe you already have an account, use the email address or mobile number associated with your previous registration to recover your login details.
  • Go to the HollywoodBets login page.
  • Click on the “Forgot Password” link.
  • Follow the prompts to reset your password using your registered email or mobile number.
  1. Contact Customer Support: If you are certain you haven’t registered before or can’t recall your existing account details, reach out to HollywoodBets customer support for assistance.
  • Provide them with your ID number and any other relevant information.
  • They can help verify if an account exists and assist in recovering or resolving any issues.
  1. Verify Personal Details: Ensure that the ID number and other personal details you are entering during registration are correct and match official records. Small errors can cause the system to flag the information as already in use.
  2. Compliance and Documentation: In some cases, HollywoodBets might request additional documentation to verify your identity. Be prepared to provide necessary documents such as a copy of your ID, proof of address, and any other required information.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the “ID number already in use hollywoodbets” issue and complete your registration or access your existing HollywoodBets account seamlessly.

How To Log In to Hollywoodbets

Logging in to your Hollywoodbets account is a simple process that ensures you have access to all the exciting betting opportunities available. Follow these steps to log in to your account:

  1. Visit the Hollywoodbets website, m hollywoodbets login, or open the Hollywoodbets mobile app.
  2. Click on the “Login” button at the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Click the “Submit” button, and you will be redirected to your account dashboard.

If you’ve lost your password, below is our hollywoodbets login forgot password reset guide and an in-depth guide on how to login to your Hollywoodbets account in South Africa.

HollywoodBets Cash Out

Hollywood Bets makes use of the latest trend in online sports betting, namely, the cash-out option, which allows punters to withdraw their bets.

While most bookies who are implementing this feature allow users to cash out at any time and get their returns based on the flow of the game, Hollywood Bets only allows you to withdraw your bet before the match starts, and the feature is only available on their app.

Hollywoodbets cash out

How to Cash Out on HollywoodBets

Cashing out on HollywoodBets can provide a level of control over your bets, allowing you to secure a portion of your potential winnings before the event concludes. Currently, HollywoodBets’ cash-out feature is available only on pre-match bets and is exclusively accessible via their mobile app. Follow these steps to cash out:

  1. Open the HollywoodBets Mobile App: Ensure you have the latest version of the HollywoodBets app installed on your mobile device. If you don’t have the app yet, download it from the official HollywoodBets website or your device’s app store.
  2. Login to Your Account: Enter your username and password to log in to your HollywoodBets account.
  3. Navigate to ‘My Bets’: Once logged in, go to the ‘My Bets’ section. Here you will see a list of your active bets.
  4. Select the Bet You Wish to Cash Out: Find the pre-match bet that you want to cash out. Eligible bets will show the cash-out option.
  5. Review the Cash-Out Offer: HollywoodBets will present you with a cash-out offer, which is typically a percentage of the potential winnings based on the current status of the bet.
  6. Confirm the Cash Out: If you are satisfied with the cash-out offer, confirm the action by clicking the ‘Cash Out’ button. The amount offered will be credited to your account balance instantly.

Remember, the cash-out amount can fluctuate based on the live market odds and the progression of the event. This feature allows for greater flexibility and strategic decision-making in managing your bets.

HollywoodBets Sports

Although their layout may be a bit chaotic, you will find a very impressive range in the events they cover from hollywoodbets mobile horse racing & sports betting.

They have local and international events in Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, Horse Racing (read on the ongoing Hollywoodbet punters challenge and how to win), Esports, Tennis, Golf, American Football, Aussie Rules, Bandy, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Darts, Floorball, Handball, Ice Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Snooker, Table Tennis and Volleyball.

Hollywoodbets Sports

Their coverage of Horse Racing is some of the best in the industry, and their odds throughout are very good.

We discussed a few Hollywoodbets sports, like a horse race, soccer, Rugby, etc., on this page.

How to Bet Soccer on Hollywoodbets

Navigate to the soccer section, select the league and match you want to bet on, choose your bet type (e.g., match winner, over/under, etc.), enter your stake, and place your bet.

How to Play Hollywoodbets Online 

Visit the Hollywoodbets website or open the app, register or log in, navigate to the game or event you want to bet on, place your bet, and follow the prompts.

How to Bet Horses on Hollywoodbets

Navigate to the horse racing section, select the race you want to bet on, choose your bet type (e.g., win, place, show, etc.), enter your stake, and place your bet.

How to Play Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers

If Hollywoodbets offers a lucky numbers game, you would typically choose a set of numbers and place a bet on those numbers being drawn.

How to Play Yankee on Hollywoodbets 

A Yankee bet involves four selections and 11 separate bets: 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and a fourfold accumulator. You would need to select four events and choose the Yankee bet type.

How to Play Aviator on Hollywoodbets

Aviator, a popular betting and casino game in South Africa, is known for its simplicity, entertainment value, and quick gameplay. It’s a game that doesn’t require any particular skill, uses minimal data, and is available 24/7 with multiple games happening every minute.

The game begins with you placing a bet before the virtual plane takes off. As the plane rises, a multiplier appears on the screen, which increases with the plane’s ascent. The goal is to cash out your bet before the plane disappears. If you manage to cash out in time, you win your bet multiplied by the multiplier at the time of cashing out. If you don’t cash out in time, you lose your bet.

Now, let’s delve into how to play Aviator on Hollywoodbets.

Playing Aviator on Hollywoodbets

Aviator is accessible on both the Hollywoodbets website and the Hollywoodbets mobile site. The gameplay is similar on both platforms. Here’s how to play on each:

Playing Aviator on the Hollywoodbets Mobile site

To play Aviator on Hollywoodbets’ mobile site, log in to your account and click on the Aviator button. You’ll be directed to the game lobby, to place your bets and play the game. 

There are three important boxes:

Red box: Here, you input your betting preferences.

Blue box: This is where you decide your stake. You can enter an amount, use the +/- buttons to adjust your bet, or use the presets (R5, R10, R20, R100) to set your stake.

Green (BET) box: Tap this button to confirm your stake for the next round.

Yellow box: Here, you can choose whether to manually add your stake before each game or use autoplay.

Autoplay allows you to play Aviator without selecting your stake or cash out your bet manually. Just set a preferred stake for your upcoming games and a multiplier value. Your bet will automatically be cashed out if the plane reaches your pre-selected multiplier.

Playing Aviator on the Hollywoodbets Website

Playing Aviator on the Hollywoodbets website is just as straightforward. Go to the Aviator page on the website and log in to your account. The game works the same way as on the mobisite, with the same autoplay and stake selection features.

Maximum to Bet on Hollywoodbets Aviator 

The maximum amount you can win per bet while playing Aviator with Hollywoodbets is R5 million. However, you can win up to R4 million in a single round if you place two bets at once, each capable of paying up to R5 million.

How to Win Hollywoodbets Aviator 

There’s no guaranteed way to win at Aviator, as it’s a game of chance. However, you can enhance your experience by setting a stake limit, targeting a cashout multiplier amount, and most importantly, having fun!”

HollywoodBets Deposits and Withdrawals

When depositing currency to bet with, a minimum of R5 must be made, and this can be done in various ways. Hollywoodbets accepts bank deposits, EFT transfers, credit cards, Payfast, vouchers, branch deposits, OZOW, Peach Payments, Zapper, and SID.

Here, we shared more insights into Hollywoodbets cash out and withdrawal, we discussed how to cashout and withdraw from Hollywoodbets.

hollywoodbets payment methods

You can withdraw your winnings straight to any South African bank account, or you could physically collect cash at any of their retail stores, which is a super convenient service that they offer.

If you do decide to have them deposit the money into your account, they have one of the fastest deposits on the market. It usually only takes about a day, and if you withdraw early enough you might even have the funds available on the same day.

Hollywoodbets EFT payment

How to Withdraw Money from Hollywoodbets

You would typically go to your www.hollywoodbets.net login in south Africa account, select “Withdraw,” choose your withdrawal method, enter the amount you want to withdraw, and follow the prompts.

How to Withdraw Money from Hollywoodbets Without FICA

FICA documents are required for account verification before you can withdraw money from betting platforms in South Africa, including Hollywoodbets.

How Long Does Hollywoodbets Withdrawal Take?

Withdrawal times can vary depending on the withdrawal method used. It could be instant or take a few business days for those using www.hollywoodbets.net login in south africa.

Hollywoodbets Customer Service

Excellent customer service has paved the way for much of this brand’s success. They have a huge pool of well-trained and friendly employees. Their 24/7 support allows customers to get quick help at any time.

hollywoodbets live chat

To reach hollywoodbets helpline, you can submit a query, send an email, phone them, send them a letter, make contact on their social media pages or simply visit their stores or use the hwhelpline hollywoodbets net contact image below.

hollywood bets contact us number

Another very cool feature is their sports betting blog, which is well-written, informative, and regularly updated.

HollywoodBets in South Africa

HollywoodBets is one of SA’s most beloved bookies. Their success can likely be attributed largely to their community.

Since 2000, HollywoodBets has employed South Africans, helped South African charities, and simply been an outstanding South African enterprise.

Almost everyone knows their distinctive purple from seeing a close friend or relative working for them wearing their shirt.

They are also the very first South African brand to offer punters virtual sports games to bet on.

HollywoodBets Promotions

Even though their sign-up bonus could be considered lacking, they give you an R25 free bet upon registration. They do constantly have promotions on certain events, especially horse racing. Check our Hollywoodbets promotions tracking page regularly, as these promotions are constantly changing.

You can also get an additional R50 free to bet with every time you refer someone to Hollywood Bets.

For more information on Hollywoodbets bonuses/voucher codes and latest promotions, please read.

How to Load Voucher on Hollywoodbets

 If Hollywoodbets accepts vouchers, you would go to your account, select “Deposit,” choose the voucher option, and enter the voucher code.

How to Use Bonus on Hollywoodbets

If you have a bonus, it should be credited to your account and can be used to place bets. There may be specific wagering requirements associated with the bonus.

HollywoodBets App

The app is a bit easier to navigate and provides all the same functions as the m hollywoodbets login website. So it might be wise to download the app, which is compatible with all mobile devices. From time to time, there might even be promotions that are exclusive to the app.

hollywoodbets mobile site

How to Install the Hollywoodbet App

Android: Go to the Google Play Store, search for “Hollywoodbets,” and click on the app. Then, click “Install.” Once the app is installed, you can open it from your home screen.

iOS (iPhone/iPad): Go to the App Store, search for “Hollywoodbets,” and click on the app. Then, click “Get” or “Install.” Once the app is installed, you can open it from your home screen.

How to Use the Hollywoodbets App

Registration: If you’re a new user, you’ll likely need to register an account. Look for a “Sign Up” or “Register” button and follow the prompts.

Login: If you already have an account, look for a “Login” button. You’ll need to enter your username and password.

Navigation: The app should have a menu or navigation bar that allows you to access different sections, such as sports betting, casino games, account settings, etc.

How Can I Get HollywoodBets Jobs? Hollywoodbets Vacancies

Pursuing a career at HollywoodBets can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity. As a well-established company in South Africa, they offer various roles across different departments, such as customer service, marketing, IT, retail, and more. Here’s how you can explore Hollywoodbets career opportunities and apply:

  1. Visit the HollywoodBets Careers Page:
  • Navigate to the official HollywoodBets vacancies website.
  • Scroll down to the footer of the page and click on the “Careers” link.
  1. Browse Current Job Openings:
  • You will find a list of available job positions on the careers page.
  • Use filters to search for jobs by category, location, or department to find roles that suit your skills and interests.
  1. Read Job Descriptions Carefully:
  • Click on the Hollywoodbets vacancies to view the detailed job description, including responsibilities, qualifications, and required experience.
  • Ensure you meet the necessary criteria before applying.
  1. Prepare Your Application:
  • Update your resume/CV with your latest work experience, skills, and educational background.
  • Write a compelling cover letter that highlights your suitability for the role and your enthusiasm for working with HollywoodBets.
  1. Submit Your Application Online:
  • Follow the instructions on the job listing to upload your resume, cover letter, and any other required documents.
  • Ensure your application is complete and accurate before submitting it.
  1. Follow Up:
  • After submitting your application, you may want to follow up with an email to check on the status of your application.
  • Be patient, as the recruitment process can take some time.
  1. Prepare for Interviews:
  • If shortlisted, you will be contacted for an interview.
  • Research HollywoodBets, understand their business model and values, and be ready to discuss how you can contribute to their success.

HollywoodBets values diversity and is committed to providing equal employment opportunities. Their community-driven approach makes them an excellent employer for those who are passionate about making an impact and growing their careers in the betting industry.

HollywoodBets Summary

HollywoodBets is a great local bookie with very competitive odds and a great reputation. However, its interface is its downfall. It’s nearly impossible to understand for a rookie, and even veterans will find it unorganized and complicated.

It’s not all bad though, they have comprehensive coverage of all sporting events, efficient customer support and they allow easier access through their app.

hollywoodbets WINNERS

If they revamped their interface and made it more user-friendly, they would be a strong contender for being the top sports betting platform in South Africa.

Hopefully this is something that they are planning to address in the near future.


How to Check Hollywoodbets Results?

Simply dial *120*46559*6*ticketnumber# on your smartphone to know the status of your bet ticket. Alternatively, you can navigate to the results section in your account area to check your Hollywoodbet results.

How Do I Log Into My Hollywoodbets Account?

Visit the Hollywoodbets website or open the app. Click on the “Login” button and enter your username and password.

How to Place a Bet on Hollywoodbets

Navigate to the game or event you want to bet on, choose your bet type, enter your stake, and place your bet.

How to Recover Hollywoodbets Account

 If you’ve forgotten your password, Hollywoodbets understands the need for hollywoodbets login forgot password reset option. On their www.hollywoodbets.net login in south Africa website, a “Forgot Password” option should be on the login page. If you can’t access your account for another reason, you would typically need to contact Hollywoodbets’ customer service for assistance.

How to Refer a Friend on Hollywoodbets 

If Hollywoodbets has a refer-a-friend program, you would typically find it in your account settings or promotions. You would then share your unique referral link with your friend.

How to Win Hollywoodbets

Winning bets on Hollywoodbets, like any betting platform, involves a combination of knowledge, strategy, and luck. Understanding the games or events you’re betting on is important, managing your bankroll responsibly, and making informed decisions is important.

How to Cancel a Bet on Hollywoodbets 

Some platforms allow you to cancel a bet within a certain time frame after placing it. If Hollywoodbets offers this feature, you would go to your active bets, select the bet you want to cancel, and click on “Cancel Bet.”

How to Delete My Hollywoodbets Account 

To delete your account, you would typically need to contact Hollywoodbets’ customer service and request account deletion.

How to Win on Hollywoodbets

Winning bets on Hollywoodbets, like any betting platform, involves a combination of knowledge, strategy, and luck. Understanding the games or events you’re betting on is important, managing your bankroll responsibly and making informed decisions are important.

How to Win Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers

Winning lucky numbers involves correctly predicting the numbers that will be drawn. This involves a combination of strategy and luck.

Is Hollywoodbets Legit?

Hollywoodbets is a legitimate online betting platform based in South Africa.

Does Hollywoodbets Accept PayPal?

Hollywoodbets, unfortunately, don’t accept Paypal as a payment method.

What is Stake on Hollywoodbets?

A stake is the amount of money you wager on a bet. You choose your stake when placing a bet.

Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.5 Overall Rating

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