16/06 Daily Tips: Will England & France Get Wins? Betting Tips Here

Betting Tips 

The international games are underway, and we bring interesting clashes as England and France have their respective clashes.  

France faces Gilbratar as England faces Malta in what looks like an easy game for the heavyweights but an interesting game for the viewers. Will these games be easy for the top footballing countries?

We will review these games and provide our expert tips on best bet options for these games. Also, Not just on these two games, TopbetsSA picks the top five betting fixtures you can place your money on, plus extra tips for our readers.     

Gibraltar vs. France

Following an exhausting season, France might not be overly eager for a standard victory against Gibraltar. However, they should effortlessly achieve a win. Didier Deschamps might take this opportunity to switch things around for the World Cup finalists and give some of his alternative squad members a chance to play.

Gibraltar continues to grapple with challenges in European international football, but they’ve recently shown some noticeable improvement, marked by their record-setting 2-0 triumph over Liechtenstein last November.

However, following that victory, Los Llanis endured consecutive 3-0 losses against Greece and the Netherlands. Despite these setbacks, their performances were not without merit, even playing most of the second half against the Dutch with only ten players.

In their last 13 matches, only one game has exceeded 4.5 goals, which suggests they should be capable of restraining the French from causing mayhem in this encounter.


With only one of Gibraltar’s past 13 matches exceeding 4.5 goals and considering the potential fatigue of the French side after a prolonged season, it would be reasonable to predict a victory for the visiting team with less than 4.5 goals scored.

Tip: France to Win and Over 2.5 Goals

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France Win ✅

Over 2.5 Goals ✅

Malta vs. England

This game is clearly one-sided, as indicated by the 1-25 odds favoring England, making it likely that Malta’s primary objective is to minimize the margin of defeat.

After securing victories in their first two Euro 2024 qualifiers in Group C against Italy and Ukraine, this should be an easy matchup for Gareth Southgate’s squad against an inferior adversary. They aim to keep their winning streak intact.

Despite Malta’s eleven consecutive losses in the European Championship qualifiers, their initial two games in Group C show signs of improvement. They appear to be able to prevent a blowout in the final score.

In their first match, Malta lost 2-1 to North Macedonia and then fell 2-0 to Italy at home, with Italy securing both goals within the first 27 minutes.

These performances indicate that despite their absence of standout players, Malta can maintain a structured gameplay and provide a respectable challenge.


Despite the stark disparity between the two teams, Malta, with their ongoing improvement, could manage to prevent a landslide, as illustrated by their recent 2-0 home defeat against Italy in the last Euro 2024 qualifier. Although a comfortable win is expected for England, Malta could successfully curb the extent of their loss.

Tip: England to Win and Under 3.5 Goals

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England to Win ✅

Under 3.5 Goals ❌

Below are our top five betting fixtures for Friday; 

5️⃣ Top five selections – Over 2.5 

Five Picks – BTTS 

  • Sollentuna v Stocksund ✅
  • IK Zenith v Grebbestad ✅
  • Berga v Karlskrona ❌
  • Vanersborgs v Stenungsund ❌
  • KFG v Fjardabyggd/L ✅

Five – Wins (Winning team in Bold) 

  • IR Reykjavik v Haukar ❌
  • Oakleigh C. v St. Albans ✅
  • Afturelding v Njardvík✅
  • Djurgarden W v Linkoping W
  • Vanersborgs v Stenungsund

Good luck!!! 

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