23/07 Daily Tips: #WWC Match Tips: Netherland (W) vs. Portugal (W)

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The upcoming Women’s World Cup game featuring Netherlands (W) vs Portugal (W) is shaping up to be an exciting encounter. Both teams have demonstrated a strong track record in their previous matches and are expected to continue this trend.


The Netherlands Women’s team, playing at home, has a formidable record, with no defeats in their last 23 home games across all competitions. They’ve also demonstrated an impressive unbeaten streak in 25 of their last 26 matches, with no halftime defeats in their last 15 Women’s World Cup games. They are currently on a three-game winning streak in the World Cup. Their attacking prowess is noteworthy, with at least one goal scored in their last 14 home matches, and an average of 3.88 goals per match in the league.

Meanwhile, Portugal Women’s team has shown resilience, remaining undefeated in 10 of their 12 most recent Women’s World Cup matches. Their away games have been high-scoring affairs, with over 2.5 goals scored in their last 6 matches in all competitions. On average, Portugal (W) has been scoring 2.40 goals in their away games across all competitions.

Netherlands (W) vs Portugal (W)

Netherlands (W) vs. Portugal (W) Game Stats 

How strong is Netherlands (W)’s home game performance?

Netherlands (W) has a strong home game track record, having not been defeated in their last 23 home games across all competitions.

Q: What is the scoring trend for Portugal (W) in their away matches?

Portugal (W) has been maintaining a high scoring rate in their away games, with an average of 2.40 goals scored per match in all competitions.

Q: Has Netherlands (W) maintained a solid performance in the Women’s World Cup?

Yes, Netherlands (W) has a strong performance history in the Women’s World Cup, currently maintaining a three-match winning streak, and no halftime defeats in their last 15 games.


Given the strong performance trends of both teams, this match is expected to be a dynamic encounter with high scoring potential. However, Netherlands (W), playing on home ground and boasting an unbeaten streak in a majority of their recent matches, has a slight edge. Their strong scoring average further bolsters this advantage. Portugal (W), on the other hand, also poses a significant threat, especially considering their scoring potential in away matches. This game could likely be a competitive one, but the trends slightly favor a Netherlands (W) victory.

We are backing the Netherlands (W) to Win or Both Teams to Score. 


Netherlands to Win ✅

Both Teams to Score ❌

  • Goal Prediction 

We expect Over 2.5 goals in this game. ❌

  • Corner Kick Prediction

An Over 7.5 corner match bet is ideal in this game. ❌

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