What is JetX ? 


JetX is the latest of the crash games to take the online betting scene by storm. JetX is a thrilling and fast-paced game that combines a player’s skill and elements of luck. Players are taken on a virtual journey as they control a jet’s flight height as the multiplier in the game decides the winnings. The game is very similar to the Aviator flight game while the game panel is simple and easy to use, with a collect button that allows players to claim their winnings at any time. JetX is an exciting and innovative game that showcases the capabilities of Smartsoft Gaming. Its interactivity and exclusive availability make it a standout choice for players looking for a thrilling betting experience where there is potential to win huge jackpots. 

Best Online Casinos – Where To Play JetX

The JetX game is fairly new to the South African market and as a result not many betting sites currently have the game available for punters. We have researched all the local bookie sites and found these are the best sites to play JetX

Play JetX Games

4.5 rating
Up to 30% Cashback for Casino Players
4.3 rating


Hollywoodbets JetX

Hollywoodbets has the JetX game on their site with the maximum payout on the game being a whopping R2 million. Your potential profit is calculated by multiplying your stake by the multiplier of the current flight.


You can also play the JetX game at the 1Win South Africa site with the bookie also offering great prizes and cash payouts on the game. The site has excellent speed which adds to the excitement of the game. 

How to Play JetX 

Before you start to play the JetX game, it is a good idea to learn the rules of the game. The aim of the game is to stop the jet before it explodes to secure a win. The higher the altitude when the jet is stopped, the better the winning percentage. Here are the steps in playing the game

  • Place desired stake for betting.
  • Adjust the stake for potential rewards.
  • Withdraw funds before jet crashes.
  • Strategically time actions for better wins.

To start playing, players are required to place their bets on the outcome of the game. They can choose their desired stake and adjust it accordingly. It is important to keep in mind that the higher the stake, the greater the potential rewards.

Once the bets are placed, players have the option to withdraw their funds at any time before the plane crashes. This allows players to manage their risk and collect their winnings if they believe the plane is reaching a critical point. So, jump on board, place your bets and see if you can stop the jet before it explodes.

How To Win: The Best JetX Strategies 

There are various different strategies that players can adopt when playing JetX. We will be taking a closer look at some of these strategies that can assist you.

Single Bet Strategies

New players should avoid taking unnecessary risks when they are starting out. We strongly suggest that you give the single bet tactic a go in order to gain a feel for the game. In addition, if you would like, you may utilise the JetX demo mode in order to experiment with a selection of the available strategies.

The Strategy of Using a Factor of 1.5

This strategy requires the player to be conservative in their approach and should cash out when the multiplier reaches 1.5x. The objective of the game is to always cash out at a multiplier of 1.5x, regardless if you believe the JetX will go higher or lower. With this method, the JetX is guaranteed a profit of at least fifty percent, assuming that they are successful in achieving a multiplier of one and a half.

The Strategy of Increasing One’s Winnings

This strategy is more complicated and should only be attempted by more experienced punters. If you have a sense that the aircraft is going to fly away between 1x and 2x, you should not bet and instead wait until a set of 1x or 1.8x multipliers has passed before placing another wager. If you have a feeling that the aircraft is going to fly away between 1x and 2x, you should not bet. It is imperative that you never cash out at a rate that is less than two times the multiplier. This strategy guarantees a reward of one hundred percent when the multiplier is achieved, while only offering a little risk to the player;

The 2:1 Approach as a Strategy

The 2:1 approach has shown to be hugely popular with punters that have enjoyed success with JetX. In order for this strategy to be profitable for the punter, two bets need to be placed and the odds must be at least 2:1. For example, place a bet of R10 in addition to another stake of R20. The purpose of this situation is to make sure that the larger wager covers the smaller one. The lower stakes bet is being used in an effort to maximise profit while minimising the chances of a loss.

You will get R30, which is equal to the total combined wager of R10 and R20, as soon as you reach the multiplier bonus of 1.5x. At that point, you will cash out the bigger bet and collect the money. This indicates that even if you were to suffer a complete setback in the subsequent phase of this technique, you would still be ahead of the game financially. 

Features of the JetX Bet Game

On the surface, JetX plays a lot like many other crash games but we have also found these great features as well.

Progressive Jackpot

The JetX game often has progressive jackpots attached to it which can be as high as R2 million.

Two bets

This cool feature allows you to put two different bets down on the same round of JetX which allows you to adopt the 2:1 strategy approach

Return to player percentage(RTP)

JetX has a return to player (RTP) percentage of 97%. This is not the highest on the market but it still means that you could expect to make more wins compared to the average online slot game.


JetX features flexible wagering limits that let you play with as little as R1 per round or you could raise your stakes all the way up to a maximum of R20 000


While the jet plane can theoretically hit infinite multipliers, the biggest multiplier you can win is 100x your stake.

Rules of the game Jet X

The rules of the JetX game are pretty easy to follow even if you are a gambling newbie. JetX is a game in which players bet on when the multiplier of the jet will crash. The longer the jet flies the larger the multiplier becomes. Bets can be placed anywhere between R1 and R20 000 per round, with no limit as to how high the multiplier can get (range 1 to infinity). However, it should be noted that the jet can crash at any moment, including moments after take-off. The main objective of the game is to cash-out before the jet plane explodes. If you don’t manage to do so, your bet will be lost as soon as it crashes. 

Jet X demo 

One of the most disappointing aspects of the local betting sites is that they do not give players an opportunity to play a Demo version of JetX. There is no need to worry as you can monitor the game before placing a bet which will assist you in making an informed bet, using one of the strategies we mentioned earlier. 

Jet X basic info

Here is more information about the Jet X game:  

Min stake: R1

Max stake: R20 000

Max win: R2 million at Hollywoodbets 


Can I play JetX on Mobile?

Yes, JetX can be played on your mobile. Mobile apps with great speed is the best to play JetX as each round taking place every few seconds 

What is the difference between JetX and Aviator?

The biggest difference between Aviator and Jet X are the visuals and design. Jet X has a fresh modern style while Aviator has a more traditional slot game look and design.

Does a JetX crash predictor exist?

Yes, JetX Predictor is a part of the JetX game, where each online player makes predictions about the result of the game, how much the rocket will take off in the next round or explode at a given coefficient.

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