Betting Sites

Betting online is more popular than ever before in South Africa. This site aims to assist you with making better betting choices, from the list below, you can easily find all the best betting sites in 2023.

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200% Deposit Match on First 3 Deposits
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100% up to R1000+ R30 FREE BET
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R25 Free Bet
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We look at the sites that offer the best odds and other promotions for football and other major sports like rugby, cricket, tennis, and international sports like basketball and baseball.

How to choose Betting Sites in South Africa?

It is important to have a good user experience so that you can get help when things go wrong which is likely to happen at some point. Welcome bonuses are also important to make sure that you can get familiar with the site, ideally without losing a lot of money quickly. In modern times, it is also very important that there should be good betting features, types of bets and options, especially for games which are likely to be one-sided.

How do we find the best betting sites in South Africa?

Through constant and in-depth research, experience and reading countless public reviews.

Just because there are a million online betting options hanging out in cyberspace begging you to sign in and upload your hard-earned shillings to their sites doesn’t mean that they are all legit or legal. It’s important that we thoroughly check out a sports betting website before we sign up and start making bets. Here are a variety of criteria we use to figure out which sports betting sites, are the good ones:

  1. Does it have at least two years of positive reputation?
  2. Is it in good standing with the bettors and within its community of sportsbooks?
  3. Is it easy to deposit money? A good sportsbook with provide you with a safe, comfortable way to deposit money
  4. Is the payout process effective? A good sportsbook will require you to jump through a few bureaucratic hoops like sending in a copy of your government ID, but it won’t require anything too crazy. After all, it will have hired processing companies to deal with the tricky stuff considering that most of them are offshore.
  5. Are the withdrawals consistent? There will almost always be withdrawal delays, but they should follow a consistent pattern.
  6. Does it offer competitive lines?
  7. Is the customer service accessible and helpful?

We are cautious when books claim to be offering free money or huge bonuses for signing up. Remember what your high school economics teacher said: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” The money is never free; there’s always a catch. If you’re just betting for fun, then these bonuses can be fun to play with, but we always read the fine print.

It would suck to have accidentally signed over your firstborn child and your pet turtle. Then we make sure the betting company is real. We check whether they have a license to provide gambling services. We seek out testimonials. Nobody wants to send money to a betting outlet only to find out that it is impossible to get the winnings into your account. References, gossips, reviews and people’s opinions on respective betting companies are all over the Internet. We are not lazy – we do our research.

We familiarize ourselves with the terms and conditions that sports betting sites have for depositing and withdrawing money as we do not underestimate the effect these can have on your betting career. For example, does the bookmaker only accepts cards or are direct bank transfers into your account accepted. More importantly, how long will it take the bookmaker to return your money? If the bookmaker needs some additional proof of identity when you ask for a draw-down, is there have some kind of threshold or minimum that you could take back home. Do they charge you an additional fee for different methods of depositing or withdrawing money?

How do you define a “great betting experience”?

In the conventional business world, customer service is key. This is the first thing bettors should consider before visiting any bookie. In traditional brick and mortar casinos, you can visit bookmarkers and have your worries sorted. Online bookies are just virtual casinos that accept real money. Trust is key. Even though they do not handle cash transactions, having a physical presence is confidence inspiring. All half decent bookies have their physical addresses listed on the “about” or “contact us” sections of their site.

They should have a strong social media presence too. When you “like” or “follow” their pages, you’re able to get contact access to fresh news in real-time. If a potential bookie is active on social media, be sure that they’re prompt at responding to customer queries and are that they interact with their bettors regularly.

Betting Sites With Cash Out In South Africa


Cash Out lets you take out an early payment on your bets before they are settled. You are able to get money back before the event is over and before your bet is ultimately resulted.

Cash Out is possible via Betway. Customers can perform it themselves or let the software do it which now more than ever, is more convenient. You can do a cash out in two scenarios. Either when youe bet is close to being a winning one or when you are close to being a losing one and you want to recoup some of your money.


Like Betway, Gbets are a popular brand in South Africa. Not only do they offer Cash Out but they also allow edit bet.


Via Sunbet, the Cash Out function allows the account holder the possibility to redeem a bet which status has not yet been settled at its current value. Sunbet offer Cash Out on selected events, both pre-match and live and on single and multiple bets. They do not allow the Cash Out functionality to be used on free bets.

How about the Odds?

At TopBets South Africa, we don’t just share sports predictions. We show you how to calculate odds and margins for bookmakers. This is important when choosing the best sports betting site. If you want to have a fair chance of winning in the long term, you must have statistics and probability on your side. So you should choose the bookmaker with the lowest possible margin. You will not find any offering a 0% margin on odds. This is because bookmakers do not take risks, nor do they want to play against you or rely on luck. The margin is a good thing when you want to earn money. You should try to find a bookmaker with a small possible margin (1 to 5%) or you go to betting exchange where odds show margins in tenths of a percentage (0.1 to 0.8%).

Range of events

Besides odds, we also check the range of events that bookmakers are offering on their books for the purposes of betting. Football, Rugby, basketball and tennis are covered by every bookmaker. If you are interested in horse racing, golf or cycling, you should carefully choose an outlet that offers this fuller range of sports.

We also consider how far in advance a bookmaker shows his odds for respective stages in a competition. It could be advantageous to see odds, not just for the current round in a football league, but also for the next round.

But let us repeat the two most important things. The first concerns the quality of odds in terms of the average margin that your bookmaker has. The second concerns the quality of service in terms of the ability to withdraw your money.

What Payment methods are available on South African betting sites?


EFT’s and wire transfers are essentially the same service. This will take money from your bank account and transfer it to your online provider. The transfer can take between 1-3 days to process. They will usually appear in your betting sites account instantly due to markers.

Prepaid cards

These work just like debit cards. The prepaid card is loaded with funds. Once the funds have been cleared, the voucher can be used to make an online deposit.

Credit/Debit Cards

Due to ease and convenience, this is the most common payment method used by customers. They have high levels of security and are available via virtually every bank. However, you must always remember that credit cards have interest charges.


This is a payment method that is linked with Visa and Mastercard. iPay processes payments instantly if you enter details correctly.


SiD offers Instant EFT which is linked directly to your bank account. It does not require a card and just has to be linked to your bank account.


EasyEFT is popular among online betters as it allows transfers to be made easily and at low costs.


This is an e-wallet which allows users to make deposits and withdrawals via a number of methods. It completes transactions instantly and also allows users to make transfers via cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Best Live Betting Sites in South Africa

Here are the best betting sites for live betting in South Africa.

Betting sites FAQ

How do I get a bonus on a betting site in South Africa?

You will have to read the specific policies of the brand you want to use. However, you can rest assured that the popular brands such as World Sports Betting, Gbets, Supabets, Betway, Hollywoodbets, Sportingbet, and Sunbet all offer bonuses.

How do I deposit money on a betting site in South Africa?

You can use the popular transfer methods such as EFT, credit/debit card, iPay, SiD, EasyEFT and Neteller.

Are betting sites legal in South Africa?

Betting sites in South Africa are legal as long as the bookmaker you are planning to use is licensed.

Which betting site has the highest welcome bonus in South Africa?

1World Sports Betting100% up to R10 000+R50 Free Bet
2SportingbetRisk Free First Bet up to R2000
3Gbets100% up to R1000+R25 Free Sports Bet
41xBet200% up to 100USD

What is the best online betting site in South Africa?

Based on our research in terms of accessibility, website navigation, customer service, sports betting odds offered and website layout, it is Betway.

Can I claim a free bonus when signing up at a South African betting site

The popular betting sites all come with a free registration bonus in South Africa.

Best SA Betting sites
3.0 rating
10% Cashback Monday
4.8 rating
Catch of the Day - 50 Free Spins
4.8 rating
Get 15 Free Spins
4.8 rating
R50 Sign Up Bonus 
4.8 rating
50 Free Spins