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Welcome to our Blackburn Rovers vs Middlesbrough betting tips, prediction and odds analysis as the two teams ...
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Our betting tips focus on all type of sports from results of the games to handicaps and much more exciting match day bets. I have noticed that number of goals and corners have become very popular and these bets are super exciting and keeps you glued to the last second, long after the final match result is known.

Sports betting markets

Our tips will be mainly on football but we know South Africans are also crazy about rugby so we will find the best rugby tips site and let the punters know. There will also be tips on cricket and basketball (NBA).This means we got you covered no matter what you want to bet on. We will use tipsters that are expert in their sport and our football tipsters will be from all over the globe, this enables us to have certain league specialists.

Football leagues tips

We will be offering betting tips for all major leagues football from around the world. For our local die hard football fans we will have extensive coverage of the DSTV Premiership and the National First division. We will also cover all the local Cup competitions like the Nedbank Cup, MTN8 and the Telkom Knockout Cup. Internationally we offer tips on the English Premiership, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga and the French Ligue 1.

What else to consider in our betting tips?

It’s easy to make mistakes when betting. Even the seasoned expert punter gets it wrong from time to time. So don’t beat yourself up when you get it wrong, just learn from your mistakes. Since mistakes in betting inevitably cost you money, it’s important to limit them as much as you can. You have to remember that its impossible to win every bet, just like top athletes you go through phase where things all go your way and of course there are times results go against you. It is of vital importance that you keep a Budget and never bet more than you can afford. Another important aspect to check out is that some tip sites charge you  a subscription  to us their tips so please be aware of these potential scammers.

Odds comparison

This is crucial to the punter because better odds mean better payouts. I have researched the top betting sites in South Africa and found that while the odds may not differ greatly from bookie to bookie on a particular sport e.g. Football, there are promotional and betting bonuses like Hollywood Bets offer. They offer a 10% boost on winning soccer teams( minimum 6 bet accumulator). What I did notice is that on rugby the odds varied from site to site especially when it came to handicap odds. What does this all mean? Simply put we will do the research for you and let you know the best odds on the different sports so you can bet accordingly.

Analysis of the statistics


This is the part of betting that we enjoy the most as our experts are something of a stats gurus. Very few punters win by just looking at teams and going with their instincts. We believe in doing the homework which means looking at the teams and player stats before the game e.g. how does the team travel and what their record is like at home. A few of the best football stats sites are and These websites have comprehensive stats available and are great in assisting you in making quality bets. As we know sports betting are not an exact science so there are many times we take calculated risk but these risks can be halved if we have the necessary knowledge before placing our bets.

Live Scores and Live Streams

live scores header

Well without much doubt we think that is the world leader in live scores. They not only follow almost every sport with live score they also have a comprehensive preview of all major football games from all the major leagues from around the world. They offer live commentary on football games and recently they even offer audio commentary. As for live streaming sites in our country the best app is the DSTV app but this requires you to be a DSTV subscriber. There are other live streaming sites but most of them require a subscription or are not available in South Africa.

A note from our writer 🙂

In my early days of betting I often lost my wagers because I bet with my heart and had my favorite teams that I kept betting on and this was the age when Liverpool were at their worst, needless to say I lost all of my money. With experience came wisdom and I stopped betting with the heart and went with the head.

This can be difficult when you don’t want to bet against your team so simply do what I do – I just stay away from betting on matches that I don’t feel my team can win. This is very important when you use betting tips websites because often we find tipsters being biased with their tips because they have a favorite team or player. Following these tipsters biased opinions could bankrupt you very quickly.

I noticed that on Sky Sports prediction you have an ex Arsenal player who always picks his former team to win and you know that’s not happening and likewise some tipsters have favorite players and tend to side with that player’s team. This is the type of thing I have learned and therefore I research who the person giving the tips is and work out if he is a reliable source.

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